Friday, October 27, 2006

Memphis Horses- Think Horses need Shoes; Think Again

Do you put shoes on your horse thinking that you are "helping" protect his/her feet. According to the concept of "natural balance" shoeing, you may actually be causing more harm to your horse's feet than aid. Think about horses in the wild for a moment. Ever wonder how they get by without having shoes, trims, pampering? Mustangs, have some of the strongest, toughest feet of any breed horse, and they've never met a farrier!

Welcome to the concept of Natural Balance. Natural Balance is a trimming and shoeing protocol developed by Gene Ovnicek. Most simply put, Natural Balance uses Mother Nature’s design as a model for what is correct in the equine foot.

Naturall Balance trimming helps to prevent and correct common "toe first landings." For optimum hoof and leg health, horses should land heel first. Preventing toe first landings can be the first key to preventing undsoundess issues in horses.

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