Friday, September 22, 2006

Memphis Horses- Check out this cool horse!

Check out this "Cool" horse:

Memphis Horses- Latest Driving Show

Woohoo for my little buddy Domino!!! We competed last weekend at the Nashoba Carriage Classic in Germantown, TN. Had a great time and got some great ribbons. I can't help but boast about Dimo's Dressage skills... He won his training level dressage test, and got the highest score out of ponies, and horses! You go little mini!!!

He's getting quite full of himself... thinks he's an official "show pony" now :)

Click here and here for awards.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Memphis Horses- House passes HR. 503 to end Horse Slaughter!

A huge victory in the house of rep's yesterday that will hopefully help put an end to Horse Slaughter- for human consumption in the USA! H.R. 503 to end Horse Slaughter passed by vote of 263-146, this will now move on to the Senate. If you haven't been aware of this important issue, NOW is the time to educate yourself. Help Stop Inhumane Horse Slaughter in our country! Visit the ASPCA site for details or click here for more information on how you can help stop this autrocity!

Take action NOW!

Memphis Horses- My First Driving Show

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Here are some pictures from my very first Carriage Driving Show, the Cannon Carriage Classic held at beautiful Valhalla Farms in Woodbury, TN. What great fun! The mini I drove, Domino was a good boy. We'll be competing next at the Nashoba Carriage Classic in Germantown, TN next weekend. Wish us luck!

Memphis Horses-Save a Nurse-Mare Baby!

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Memphis Horses cont...
Have you heard of Nurse-Mare babies? They are primarily a product of the racing industry. Many end up orphan babies needing special care and loving homes. Read this article to learn more about them and what you can do to help!

I suspect that my sister's pony, Sketch was either an Orphan foal or Twin. At any rate, he may have been a nurse mare baby. He's been the best now for over 20 years for my family!

SOURCE: article by Jackie Harris