Monday, September 13, 2010

Book Review for Playing With Lukas

Horse-lovers, there is a new "MUST READ" to add to your list: Karen Murdock's book Playing With Lukas.

Karen's mission to show people how intelligent horses are in order for people to treat them better is indeed an honor to horses, horse-lovers, and all creatures everywhere! The special bond between Karen and Lukas (a 17 year old rescued off the track thoroughbred) is a testament to the power each person has to accomplish great good when willing to open their heart and mind to their calling. This book exemplifies that the "value" of a horse transcends that of simply a riding or competition mount. Horses and people have the power to heal each other. This inspirational partnership between two "misfits" is about to revolutionize how people view horses and create change for the better for these majestic and magical creatures. At the very least, Lukas has made the average adult laugh more often!

Thanks Karen for your determination and vision, Lukas for your curiosity and humor, and you both for your inspirational teachings. Reading about Karen and Lukas's journey, has reinforced for me as Karen so eloquently stated in this book, "I now know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we are made kind by being kind." Thank goodness for kind hearts and open minds and for this book for promoting this concept. Lukas is the poster child for horses everywhere, but especially cast-off horses who deserve their second chance to change the world, heal people who need them, and spread kindness throughout an industry which could benefit from the lessons in good values that horses like Lukas and teachers like Karen have to instill.