Thursday, August 24, 2006

Chico The Wonder Dog

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I know this post is supposed to be about horses, but I can't resist showing off my dog Chico in his "pony blanket."

Doesn't he look emabarrased! :)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Improve your Life Skills with a little help from a Horse!

Memphis Horses cont....

Horses are A++ teachers of basic life lessons for people... especially kids. Horses can teach us so much, not to mention patience, respect, and discipline. It's a special gift to learn how to "listen" and communicate with a horse without the use of the spoken word. If we pay attention to their lessons, horses teach people to become "horse whisperer's." Horses not only teach us their "language" but they also teach us how to better communicate with people!

There is no better way to learn that hard work, determination, and patience can reap big rewards than to work with horses... and I mean get your hands dirty kind of work (no turning your horse over to a groom!) Horses and people develop special bonds over time, but the key here is that this takes time and varies with each horse and rider. Once a horse learns to respect you, they will learn to trust you, and once that is achieved, I truly believe a horse learns to LOVE you. Once they love you, they will try their heart out for you!!! (shhh... don't tell your trainer I gave away their secret...for FREE!)

Horses are great esteem builders. To read a great article about how horses are helping kids learn life skills here

SOURCE: Horsetalk

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Finally, Rain for Memphis Horses

Memphis Horses cont....

Finally we see rain here in Memphis! Hope to see more soon! Our horses enjoyed rolling in the mud... a luxury they haven't had for months! Hay cuttings will be down , and I predict hard to come across locally later in the season. Time to pray to the rain gods and whip out some serious rain dancin!

Need some advice about choosing good quality hay? Read this article for some tips!

Source: Eclectic Horseman