Thursday, November 02, 2006

Memphis Horses- Get Grounded!

It's the time of year I dread. The time has changed, which means less daylight to spend enjoying horse activities during the week, for those of us with the 9-5 routine. Now, I'm forced by mother nature to scale back my riding endeavors because of lack of daylight. You know what I mean, go to work in the dark, and come home when dark- blah! Does this mean it's time for a horse siesta for awhile until more daylight? Yeah Right!

Okay, so my riding will be scaled back, but now, I am have time to brush up on ground work- which can be done even in the barn aisle! My horse needs a ground manner "refresher" course, and this is the perfect time of year to "get back to basics." A better behaved, more attentive horse on the ground, usually means a better behaved riding horse. Does ground work mean simply longeing- no! There's a lot more to ground work than the around the ring longeing routine that many hunter/jumper folks are accustomed to. I'm talking about ground exercises used by many Western folks- such as Parelli, Clinton Anderson, John Lyons... Why not apply it to ALL disciplines hunter/jumper folks?

Well I will. Here's an interesting link I found with some creative groundwork exercises for helping teach balance. I'll definitely give it a go! I'd love to hear some groundwork suggestions and comments from you!


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