Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Welcome to Memphis Horses- Memphis Horse Information

Let's talk about horses in the Memphis, TN area! More to come!


Lori said...

Hi Ashlee,
I came across your blog because I too grew up riding horses in the Memphis area. I have been riding since I was little and I also inherited the horse love gene from my family.
I think it would be very nice to see more disciplines in the area. I have a young horse that I am working with and instead of just focusing on the hunter/ jumper discipline, which is what I grew up learning, I have made an effort to start with the very basics and work slowly just so I don't skip any important steps in proper training.
I started out trail riding Lucky, my young thoroghbred. This was so great because he is so comfortable in an open field now, which is rare for young TBs. I am excited because I know for sure he would be great fun to Fox Hunt and if he picks up jumping well he would be a great prospect for eventing. I also have been exercising him in the ring and working on basics like straightness, transition and pole work. I have read that these are very important which is why I now have assistance from a dressage trainer in the area. I noticed that you are picking up driving as well. I happen to be at a barn with people who drive. I was very scared that this would not sit well with Lucky but he thinks nothing of the carriages and the ponies. We even went out for a trail ride with the mini's and the carts, lets just say nothing unexpected happened.
I never really thought about being more involoved in other disciplines until I started working with a young, green horse. Because I am making sure to train alittle in all areas it really opens up what I will be able to do with Lucky. I would like to eventually show Lucky in Jumpers, but for some reason if he should become sour with jumping I know now that I will have just as much fun in Dressage, Fox Hunting and even cross country. I would like to see more all around disciplines in the area just because it won't limit riders like me.

Ashlee said...

Hi Lori,
Glad to hear that you too would like to see more riding disciplines in the Memphis area!