Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Horse Crazy

I know who I am. I’m the horse-crazy, girl who loves horses…. I’m the girl who has difficulty trusting in much else.  Many lessons I've taken in the arena of life, have let me down. It is people who have contributed to me feeling like when push comes to shove, I’m left with one thing and one thing only to count on- myself! Well, myself and a horse, or two, or three- of course!

Horses don’t lie. They don’t cheat. They don’t manipulate when they aren’t sure what they want in order to “keep their options open,” for when they figure it out.  Horses know exactly who they are and where they fit in at every single, exact moment in time.  Horses don’t miss out on life, they live it!

Horses don’t judge. They don’t make me feel like I’m not good enough. Like I need to work out more, wear makeup, wear a padded bra, be tanner, or get a different hairstyle! They don’t make me feel like I have to “compete” with others in order to be noticed or to be “worthy". In fact, horses don’t make me feel like I need to change one damn thing about myself! They accept me as I am. They allow me to be me and feel good about it! 

Horses have always shown me love-unconditional, insightful, honest, secure, strong, healthy, powerful love! They have let me love them which has helped me to grow into the person that I am. They have taught me what true love is. It is acceptance. It is kind. It is honest. It is loyal. It is humble in that it is capable of sacrificing self for something or someone else. Respect is the beat to which true love beats.

Horses have given me something to believe in when I’ve been destroyed. They’ve given me the will to gather up the pieces of a shattered heart and put them back together again, one at a time, until I can lift myself up and stand taller than before. Horses have made me tough, strong, and proud! But they have also taught me to have a heart and to care because horses have been my best teacher of  awareness, humility, respect, and sacrifice.

Horses show me truth. They have taught me to pay no attention to what people say. I watch what actions people take. I observe... I see… Watch a horse watching you and tell me that they don’t see!

So when I’m in a pinch, I turn to horses. I go to them to discover what it is in me that will get me through. What will get me on track to where I’m headed. They know me. They allow me to learn what they know of me on my own time. They’re with me when I’m being a slow, stubborn learner, and I can trust that they won’t let up until I learn the lesson I’m supposed to.

Horses have not abandoned me, as many people have. When I need them most, they are there. They speak to my heart offering me the clarity needed for me to make the best decisions for me. Horses of  my past, come back to me in my dreams and memories to guide me when I need them. Noble ghosts who are still teaching me. I can trust they are always with me, still carrying me over the hurdles and fields of life.

Horses have given me the inspiration to share this passion with others drawn to these powerful creatures. Everyone needs something to believe in...something to turn to for guidance when they are struggling. Something to help show some beauty in an ordinary day that will give them hope. I believe in horses and they believe in me. Indeed, life has taught me that there are far crazier things than being Horse Crazy!

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