Sunday, August 08, 2010

Summer Recap: Horses & Kids-Keeping it REAL

Well, the summer heat is still with us, but oh my starts on Monday for many local Memphis area kid's....what? How the heck did this happen? Perhaps there are some parents out there saying, took you long enough? Nah!

I for one can't wait from a break from this HEAT wave Memphis is having. It's horrid for those of us addicted to outdoor activities, and especially difficult for our pets who can't come inside to cool off! With heat index's of 115 this past week, many poor horses have it rough!

Luckily, one of the highlights of my summer horse fun was before this annoying heatwave hit. And, it was still PLENTY HOT! My very first Summer 2010 Kids Horsemanship Camp was a BLAST and a great learning experience for campers and for me! It was a return to celebrating horses, educating kids about all things horses, and of course- good ole horsey fun! Some things I learned:

  1. More adults should spend time with kids- teaching them about their passions! Kids need role models and something to get excited about especially in today's world! Learning should be fun and creative, but unfortunately our society has become so "systematic" and "procedural" about education-"right vs wrong," "A students vs C students," "this label vs that"- that creative and hands-on learning opportunities are few and far between! Why is society as a whole so frighted to encourage independent thought and creativity? Sometimes I feel like society is encouraging a bunch of drones & worker bees....I say, why not encourage more Queen bees? I love it when kids have the freedom, space, and encouragement to "use their own minds" and think out of the "box" creatively! Now this is REAL learning! The type of thinking the "real world" demands of people in order to succeed, heck, more like survive in this economy! This is the type of learning that occurred at my horse camp! I'm really proud of this!

  2. I need to focus more on equine assisted learning, because obviously, I love horses, obviously, I love learning. I've spent almost 15 years making a corporate career out of it. Duh, bring them both together and voila... by Jove, perhaps I've finally stumbled across my calling?

  3. When you share something you truly are passionate about with others, there isn't a price tag on the reward you get! It's a great feeling knowing that you are doing something that matters and contributing to a special experience and memory for people!

  4. Sharing a passion refuels the soul, provides a clarity in priorities and direction, and provides motivation that becomes a force of its own. Whether I'm ready or not, some force greater than myself has grabbed hold of me and is pulling me in the direction I'm supposed to be going in. My job at this point is to keep up...and although I'm working my you know what off, from sun up to sun down, my work is a joy and doesn't feel like a burden!

  5. Have fun and don't ever lose touch with your inner kid! Be goofy, creative, messy, pout, have a temper tantrum, let your parent's be parents and "baby" you if you're lucky enough to still have them in your life! Laugh often, cry often, move your feet often and turn off the TV!!! Eat your favorite food's often, hang out with your favorite people very often! Thank them for being in your life and be thankful for having them! Hug your dog, hug your cat, don't be afraid to pick up that stray kitten that's wandered into your life and open your heart to it! Tell fear and reason to take a's worth living, not missing because your too "Afraid" of what you'll do right or what you may do wrong.....Naturally, hug your horse and spend lots and LOTS of time with him/her/them....after all, they are to thank for many lessons you've learned in life. For myself, horses are to thank for items 1-5 posted here! Without horses, I'd probably be a narrow minded, bitter, and angry person obsessed with things I can't take with me six feet under!
At my horse camp, I got to be a "big kid" and relive my childhood. The most important lesson I learned: EVERY ADULT NEEDS TO BE A KID ONCE IN AWHILE! This keeps us REAL! God Bless Kids and Horses for reminding me, what's REALly important :)

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