Saturday, July 03, 2010

What IS Memphis Horses?

Memphis Horses, which started out as a blog, is evolving into a local Equine Advocacy Networking Project on a mission to provide a networking and collaborative platform for both local horse-lover's and equine enthusiasts from all over the nation! Our purpose is to help both horses and people by providing information, awareness, education, and a platform to discuss responsible horse ownership, practices, and management that will hopefully encourage responsible growth in the equine industry.

This network has already assisted in the rescue of several horses locally, and has provided both advice and a sounding board for locals having questions about all things horses. We are working to make positive strides in the horse industry locally and encourage more people to get involved in paying it forward for horses!

Memphis Horses celebrates horses and promotes affordable and responsible horse ownership, and equine advocacy practices in Memphis, TN and beyond! We encourage collaboration of ideas, suggestions, advice, rescue information, etc. Do you want to make positive strides in the horse industry locally, and network with like-minded horse-folk? Well then, you've come to a great place to do just that! High Hooves to you for your interest in paying it forward for horses!

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