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Horse Hero: Shannon Lack

Allow me to introduce you to another honest to goodness, Horse Hero- Shannon Lack. This special lady is working with a courageous and dedicated group of horse-lover’s to help horses who have fallen upon bad luck. Horses who’ve been forgotten, discarded, and whose value has become viewed as a by the pound commodity versus the value that most horse-owners place on their beloved equine companions. They may have been adored at some point in their lifetime by loving, caring owners. They may have served their owners faithfully and trustingly through their lifetime. They may, through no fault of their own, and with plenty of usefulness and potential left in them, have fallen upon the harsh, cruel, sad, unfathomable reality that is horse slaughter.

Shannon works to help find homes for horses that will end up shipping to slaughter and meeting their end at the hands of people who have no love, no respect, and no compassion for them. She is paying it forward for horses, and is courageously facing and battling this heart-wrenching reality that so many are unaware of, or unwilling to face, in order to help make a difference and help horses. She is working along with others like her, dedicated to getting down and dirty, in the trenches, and save lives. She and those she works with are making a difference, are creating awareness, and are saving lives.

Here is Shannon’s story of Paying it Forward for horses:

Shannon’s interest began from using social media and facebook. She began following Diana Tuorto from Horse Welfare Org. (Facebook page) and Lisa Drahorad from Another Chance For Horses. (AC4H) She found herself, compelled to help spread the word about slaughter bound horses in need. Although, Shannon is from North Carolina, she quickly found herself networking with others throughout the country to help horses. She began her horse advocacy work by cross-posting information about slaughter bound, healthy horses. Shannon, who does not own a horse, was called to action and compelled to help slaughter bound horses.

Shannon helps, by working weekly to raise funds and find owners for horses, dogs, and cats in need. Her group unites on open forum on Lisa Drahorad's facebook wall. Using this facebook wall, followers post information to help each other out. Simply by using social media, and facebook to network, this group rescues through Facebook alone, an average of 25-30 horses in matter of three days! That’s a lot of horses given a second chance at life and rescued from unimaginable suffering on their way to and at Mexican and Canadian slaughterhouses!

Shannon and her group works frequently with brokers that frequent New Holland, Pennsylvania auctions and other places. Sadly, brokers will frequently inflate prices to rescue groups in order to "make a profit" Many brokers have direct contracts with slaughter houses in Canada, and broker's can either sell privately or ship them out. Shannon and her group are well aware that prices will often be inflated to them and other rescues, but they forge ahead and continue to fight to raise the funds to save as many horses as they can. As Shannon points out, "It's a dirty business, but after all, it's not the horses fault they've ended up in such a horrible predicament." According to Shannon, Another Chance for Horses, is “the last bridge for these death doomed horses- their last chance to get out or go to slaughter. So we exhaust ourselves each week fund-raising and matching in homes. “

But Shannon’s efforts don’t end here. She also helps other groups with Camelot auction in New Jersey and she also manages posts for groups in Ohio as well for Greener Pastures that saves from Sugar Creek auction. This is an extremely difficult auction to save horses from, because sadly, the horses are shipped to Mexico that night. The auction owner does not even allow pictures. Making the task of rescue, very, very, difficult.

According to Shannon, each week brings numerous success stories and horses that have been given a second chance! One such memorable success story, involves two mustangs in Maryland whose owner could not afford due to a divorce. She was going to have them put down. One was eight and another nine. Shannon found out, and posted pleas for help out in order to help. Her efforts were successful. A Mustang Rescue in NC asked to help, and these two horses were saved.

Due to simply spreading the word about their story, these horses have a second chance! This is the power of social networking making change happen for horses and horse owners in need! This is saving lives! And as Shannon has proven, all it takes is an interest, some effort, and the courage to try to help, regardless of if the effort ends in success or failure. It takes effort, courage, and heart. These are the key ingredients that Shannon blends together to initiate change, and to do good for horses! Can you imagine, how many “forgotten” horses can be saved, if more people, like Shannon, were called to action, and willing to share information and spread awareness about the realities of horse slaughter?

Aside from networking to find homes for horses in danger, Shannon spends a lot of her time promoting horse advocacy issues and works to promote public awareness about the many state and national slaughter bills currently in existence.

……" A lot of people do not know what is happening to our horses. We must keep pressure on our government to change this and unite in numbers to make a change. These all wild and domestic and healthy horses going off to be on someone's plate. "

Many states including Tennessee, Missouri, are lobbying to pass legislation in order to re-open horse slaughter plants for human consumption.


Mexico: 12,919
Canada: 12,922
Japan: 4
total 21,776

Another Happy Ending- Lucky fellow saved!!!

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