Monday, October 19, 2009

Tips for Successfully Catching Horses

Wow, natural horsemanship sure has come along way. It sure does seem like there are more horse behavior tips available these days then when I was starting out with horses. I can remember being a kid and being told to go catch horses notorious for being "hard to catch" and the advice always being- "take some food out, that one's hard to catch." Silly me used to march right up to the notorious "bad" one, determined I was going to catch that horse. Yeah, well, where do you think that bossy attitude got me? You bet ya, with me chasing the horse/pony around the pasture while the horses laughed at me- I'm still convinced horses laugh at us....horses have a sense of humor too... but that's for another day another post.

Now that I'm older, wiser, and have been exposed to more of this natural horsemanship "mambo jambo," I "get it" This stuff really works. Kid's these days being started off learning horse behavior abc's will be really awesome horseman/women when they're twenty something like me.....okay busted, thirty something :)

Read this awesome very practical article compliments of America's Horse Daily about how to read the "signs" horses give you when approaching them for a successful "catch" every time....without having to run around the pasture giving the horses a good laugh the way I used to!

Source: America's Horse Daily

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