Monday, June 08, 2009

Germantown Charity Horse Show Great Fun!

Alas, the Germantown Charity Horse Show has come and gone for another year. What great fun and a family tradition this horse festival is for many in the Memphis community! With the show being a week earlier this year than the traditional 2nd week of June, the show seems to have gotten a bit of a break from the scorching weather of years past. Despite a day of rain, and muddy tents, the weather was quite pleasant this year! With some even "chilly" evenings!

What a fabulous jumper turnout at this show! Many very talented junior riders and horses too! Surprisingly, the economy doesn't seem to have impacted the jumper entries. With classes like the the Welcome Jumper Stakes, the Pony Classic, the Junior/AO Classic, the 25,000 Grand Prix, as well as a great mix of Carriage Driving classes just to name a few favorites. The show was very entertaining. I must add that even my father, a non-horsey "horse-person" admitted that the Carriage Driving classes were for him the highlight of the show!

Of course, I enjoy the carriage driving too, but my personal favorite this year had nothing to do with horses at all! What? How can that be at a horse show, you say? Well, the "Team Ghost Riders" entertainment was absolutely something you'd have to see to believe and appreciate! What a hoot! This rodeo exhibition consisted of mokeys riding border collies while herding rams! I haven't laughed so hard in ages! Now I'm not sure that some animal activists would find this so entertaining, but from a fellow equestrian, I've gotta give those little primates snaps for their keen "riding skills." Those monkeys were quite the equestrians! What balance and agility! I'm sure none of this had to do with being tied down to their miniscule "monkey saddles!" Nah, cutting horse riders beware- you've got some new competition! Now, if I could only ride as well from my "core" my dressage trainer would be so pleased! Check out their website at for a laugh! I sure do hope to see them again at Germantown!


GoonrGrrl said...

Glad to read a Germantown blog! I'm new to the area & have never been, but I aspire to show there. HOPEFULLY I can have my colt ready for the carriage driving next year.

GoonrGrrl said...

Glad to hear it was a fun show! I aspire to drive my little ASB colt there some day. Not sure if we'll make it for next year, but the year after that hopefully!

TC USA said...

Looks like a fun show... interesting