Tuesday, December 09, 2008

UPDATE: TB Dispersal Sale

Good news! Here' s an encouraging update on the TB Dispersal Sale that took place in IL this past weekend. Luckily, good Samaritans stepped up to help many TB's and they now have a chance to find loving homes! Please consider making a contribution to help these rescue organizations continue to support these horses, or consider adopting, sponsoring, or fostering one of these horses. Tis' the season for Memphis Horse lovers to help spread some holiday cheer to horses around the country!!!

Dear friends,

My apologies for the delay in getting this report out to everyone. It was a very long, exhausting, yet incredibly successful effort this past weekend.

Because of the incredible support of ILEHC members and horse lovers throughout the country, we were able to save several Thoroughbred horses at the STC Racing Dispersal Auction in Mount Vernon, IL. Offered for sale were 65 horses ranging in age from foals to aged broodmares and stallions. I found it incredibly sad that many of the horses who were perfectly healthy, sound, and useful, were sold for just peanuts.

In total, the ILEHC rescued 13 horses who were at risk. We also acted as agent in facilitating the purchase of the stallion, Company Approval, for a private party from Canada who asked us to purchase the horse on his behalf.

Those at risk who were rescued by the ILEHC are as follows:

#6 Xcellent Jazz
#8 Conte's Whirl
#12 Company One
#19 Sharp N Appealing
#24 Unnamed 2007 filly out of Litigant Cat
#25 Unnamed 2007 filly out of Rylee Belle
#33 Sunshine Dottie
#34 Unnamed 2008 filly out of Sunshine Dottie
#37 P.J.'s Play
#41 Sooner Defence
#51 Lady Garthorn
#55 Sharp N Lively
#61 Popsicue (last minute addition to the sale who was not included in the catalogue)

The total paid for horses was $4,475.00 or an average of approximately $355.00 per horse. During the bidding, we noticed at least 2 individuals who are well-known to purchase horses for slaughter often times were the only people bidding against us. Thankfully, the two men dropped out of the bidding once the prices reached $300- $400. It is very clear that had the ILEHC not been there to assist, any or all of these horses could have very well been sold to slaughter.

The ILEHC would like to express our deep appreciation to everyone who donated money, time, or resources to assist in this incredibly successful rescue effort. We would like to particularly thank the wonderful folks at Mid-America Horse Rescue (MAHR) for partnering with us in this effort. We are deeply grateful to MAHR and their incredible team of volunteers for all their help and support throughout this effort. Additionally, we'd like to thank MAHR for graciously offering to take Sunshine Dottie and her 2008 foal, and Sooner Defence into their program. Many thanks to MAHR, for helping to ease the burden this rescue places upon the ILEHC. Anyone interested in adopting either of these 3 particular horses, please contact Margo Sutter at MAHR 314-302-2216 or visit their website www.mahrnfp.org

The ILEHC would also like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Keith Caughran for offering to provide tranport and temporary foster care for many of the Mt. Vernon horses. Keith and his family endured a very long and freezing cold day at the auction, and at day's end, transported 4 of the horses to his facility where they will be cared for until arrangements can be made to transport them to the ILEHC. As if Keith's efforts were not already enough, he then made a second trip on Sunday morning to pick-up an additional 3 horses who is is also fostering at his farm! I simply do not have any idea what I would have done with all these horses had Keith not stepped up to help.

Now for the really good news....several of the horses have already been spoken for or have found new homes! Company One is already at home with her new (and very much elated!) owner in Wisconsin. Sharp N Lively has been rehomed with a couple who have agreed to provide her with much needed and costly eye removal surgery once her 2009 foal is born. We have adoptions pending on at least 2 or 3 other horses. We also have potential foster home offers for 4-5 horses. Needless to say, the support of the IL equine community has been nothing short of incredible. I am humbled and overwhelmed by the number of people who have stepped up to ensure the safety of these horses.

In the coming week we will be assessing each of the horses for soundness, temperment, and suitability. Once we get everything sorted out, we will post detailed information and photographs of the horses available for adoption on our website. Please make sure to check our website for updates on the horses and their availability. If anyone is interested in adopting a horse, please be sure to ask us to send you an adoption application!

The easy part of this rescue is now over and thus begins the more difficult and costly aspect of rehoming each of these wonderful horses. Please consider adopting a horse if you are able, or please consider making a donation to help us provide for the ongoing care and support of the horses until they can be successfully rehomed. Online donations can be made at our website www.ilehc.org or checks payable to: ILEHC, NFP can be mailed to: ILEHC - P.O.Box 4203 - Rockford, IL 61110.

Once again -- our deepest heartfelt gratitude to all who helped to safeguard the lives and well-being of these magnificent Thoroughbreds. This truly was an amazing team effort and without each of you who stepped up to help, none of this would have been possible. Well done everyone!!!

Kind regards to all...

Gail Vacca, President
Illinois Equine Humane Center, NFP
19501 West Ballou Road
Wilmington, IL 60481
Email: info@ilehc.org
Website: http://www.ilehc.org

Every horse has an owner. Every owner has a responsibility.

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