Friday, January 11, 2008

Responsible Horse Ownership

I just ran across a fabulous horse organization working to educate the horse industry about Responsible horse ownership! The Unwanted Horse Coalition, is an organization made up of various equine rescue groups which have joined together under the American Horse Council. The goal is to help horses receive humane care throughout life and educate owners on services, options, and assistance available.

Take some time to review the important information on this site, and be sure to review their responsible care booklet as well as brochure and video below:

Source: Unwanted Horse Coalition


VR said...

Hiya, In support of your "Responsible Horse Ownership", I would like to share the launch of our new site:
I believe your horses health is in relation to ownership responsibility and would love to build a network with other horselovers out there. Check it out and share the like! Thankyou.. VR

kneadstoknow said...

Thank you for providing the link to this organization. I for sure will be checking it out.

I have "virtually" adopted a rescued Thoroughbred. A big distance separates us, but he is in my heart all the time. My hat goes off to the tireless rescue organizations who have saved so many of the "unwanted horses". Love your blog.


Stay tuned for lots of excellent horse information being added.