Monday, January 14, 2008

Joanna Wilburn Jr. Driving CDE Clinic Update from Kimberlin Farms

The CDE clinic with Joanna Wilburn held January 12, was great fun and a fabulous event for junior drivers to learn about carriage driving CDE's. There will no doubt be more of these planned in the future for both juniors and adults at Kimberlin Farms!

There were several phases to this clinic. Before hitching up, students gathered to get the "low-down" about what's involved in a CDE event. Next, drivers got to "walk" a scurry course, a timed cones course, and an obstacle course. Joanna helped advise each participant about how to "walk" cones and obstacle couses, and how to create a strategies best suited to each driver/pony/horse/vehicle combination. Then the fun began and true competition mode set in! All participants were timed and evaluated. And everyone learned from each other!

Joanna has everyone hooked on CDE's! We can't wait to practice more, and hope to compete in a CDE event soon! So watch out Memphis drivers- juniors will be joining in all the CDE fun very soon!

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