Monday, January 21, 2008


I just got back from the horse races in Hot Springs, AR this weekend- great fun! I must admit, I learned that picking winning Thoroughbred runners is not my forte! I can't get past picking potential Eventer/Dressage/Hunter prospects! Boy, did I spot some good prospects!!!

I am absolutely CRAZY about TB's. What fantastic and beautiful horses they are! It's so amazing to see them in the racing environment and what they experience at such a young age! It also made me REALLY appreciate my two young TB's- Gage and Bucky and realize how very fortunate they are to have the life they do!!! My little 4 yr old, Bucky, sure does look different than the 4 yr olds I saw racing! He is so much more "solid" and mature looking than those guys!

So many beautiful horses and prospects. I found myself wondering what will happen to so many youngsters when their racing careers are over? I so hope, they all end up as lucky as Gage and Bucky. If ever thinking about getting a horse, please consider TB's! I wish more trainers would retrain ex-racers for careers as Hunter/Jumpers in Memphis! What wonderful event and pleasure prospects too!

I really appreciate trainers out there working to retrain quality TBs for different disciplines! I've been lucky to have many TB's in my lifetime and there's nothing like the courage, loyalty, intelligence, humor, and work ethic of a TB! Give em a chance and you'll be hooked on them too!

Click these links to learn more about TB's looking for a second career and home:

Fifty Fifty Farm

Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation


Renegade Cowgirl said...

Hey, did you steal my horse? I swear it looks like my ....Quarter Horse when she was a bit younger in the face. Takes long legs to get on those big Thoroughbreds! Many happy, healthy trails to you and yours!

hpmiou said...

So many breeds of horses are out there waiting for new forever loving homes and to have a chance at a new career. I was lucky enough to share my life with one of these fabulous horses, who remained with me in semi-retirement at the end. She lived to be 26 years old, and was the pasture "boss" when the horses were turned out.

She had been a jumper, but with me she was just a pleasure horse who had to jump little 18 inch fences once a week or she became snarky. But she was a real teacher to me, and my best friend of course.

Love your blog.

Jo, and Hiya Cowgirl, my friend!