Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Too Blanket or Not to Blanket... How to Decide

Okay, there are those who whip out the blanket arsenal at the first sight of cooler weather, some who only blanket when really cold, and some who swear by never blanketing a horse. So when and how do you decide to blanket a horse? Click here to read an interesting article with tips about when to blanket horses in Winter.



Amber said...

Hi there, Ashlee! Sorry to go off topic, but, I couldn't find anywhere to contact you otherwise! ;)

My name is Amber, and I've lived in northern Mississippi for alot of my life...Southhaven, Horn Lake, Byhalia...just about everywhere down here. ;)

I'm hoping to get my first horse this spring, I'm considering either a retired Thoroughbred or a draft cross...and, I was wondering, do you know of any good places to board down here? I can't find any names in the silly newspaper, or by searching on google so...heh. But. Yes -- I doubt if I'll be able to find my way back here, so, if you'd like to talk you could email me at:

Hope your day is awesome!

Ashlee said...

Hi Amber,
How exciting to be preparing for your first horse-congratulations! I highly recommend a retired TB, but I am very biased towards them ;) Here are some links to some good TB rescue organizations that I've come across. You may enjoy checking them out.

Luckily there are many great boarding facilities in the area. Many however, will only accept boarders who ride a certain discipline, plan to show, and take lessons from resident instructors. So, you really need to identify what type of facility you are interested in.

1.A show oriented facility.
2.One that offers instruction but isn't only show oriented
3.A pleasure oriented facility.

You also need to think about what requirements you desire at the facility? Do you want trail riding and outdoor space, an indoor arena, all-weather footing? How is the turnout conditions- good fencing, quality, safe pastures with good grass and/hay, are pastures managed well, is there ample space for horses, or is there overcrowding? Of course, most importantly does the facility provide good, safe, knowledgeable, quality horse care- this always being my primary concern!

You are in luck, this is a great area for horse activities, and I think you will be able to find a boarding barn that will make you happy! I will email you some information that I have in respect to local barns. I also recommend that you also look at ads in feed stores, tack stores, bulletin boards at horse shows, ask your vet, farrier, etc. Just start asking horse people for their insight and you’ll have a long list of places to check in with in no time! Definitely talk to current boarders at any facility you consider and get their input as well. Good luck with your horse and boarding barn hunt!