Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dark Horse Rescue Now In Memphis Area

For anyone whose ever taken a glimpse into this blog, you've already discovered that I'm a bit "OCD" when it comes to posting about anything to do with "helping horses." I feel compelled to do what I can to "Pay it Forward" and use my "Voice" to speak up for horses who can't speak.... even though us Memphis horse-folk already know horses definitely DO SPEAK.... just not verbally ;)

There's a new horse rescue in town.... Dark Horse Rescue. And, I personally think this group will be able to give Memphis area horses a louder voice! Click on Memphis Horses Examiner to read all about them and how you can help if you have likewise been bitten by the "Pay it Forward for Horses bug."

Hint, Hint..... this is a highly contagious "bug" that I'm hoping you'll catch too!


horsespiritwriter said...

Hello. I am soooo glad to read of the local (close by) Horse Rescue taking shape. I tried to respond and still haven't figured out how to contact them directly, will keep trying, thought I might be able to assist with the foaling process since I have observed many, many births. Just wanted to say hello and I am happy to join your blogfolks. Please visit (and follow if you want) our Blog. We are writing a series of articles on the Wild Horse fiasco in BLM control and will be posting these throughout March. We also have an ebay store where we sell gently used and carefully kept Equine and Equestrian items...please visit! HorseSpiritWriter at Blogspot...happy trails today! PhF

Ashlee said...

Hi there! Thanks so much for your interest! I'm sure Dark Horse Rescue will welcome your help with foaling! I emailed you back with contact Dark Horse Rescue, Call "Christy Gross" at 901-378-1071. Feel free to contact me too with the info. I provided you via email sent if you don't hear back soon.... Happy blogging.... Love your Blog BTW :)