Monday, February 02, 2009

FCAR Horse Rescue

FCAR Rescue Adopted by Priscilla Presley & Elvis Presley Enterprises

In April 2008 FCAR rescued 17 horses from a situation of extreme cruelty and neglect in Williston, TN. The owner was ultimately convicted of animal cruelty and all of the animals were released to the care of Fayette County Animal Rescue. Well one of those horses has just found a little piece of heaven and was adopted by Priscilla Presley and Elvis Presley Enterprises. The official announcement and welcoming for Bandit will be on January 8, 2009. Media and fans from around the world will focus on Graceland for Elvis' birthday celebration which will include Bandit's introduction as the newest addition to the Graceland family.

Recently quoted in the Commercial Appeal: "Unfortunately several didn't make it," said Presley, who says she is grateful to Fayette County Animal Rescue and the state for rescuing most of the horses.

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For the CNN Larry King Live interview with Priscilla Presley and tour of the horses including Bandit, go to:


EquineMan said...

Well I would rename that horse "lucky duck"! How blessed you are for helping these animals in distress.

It is good to hear about those who have sharing with those who are less fortunate.

God bless you for all you do for his creation.

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Anniegirl said...

Hey Ashlee,
So glad I found your blog. I'm trying to get back into the equine community as an adult and oddly enough, its a lot harder than it was as a teen. After making the decision to ultimately adopt my own horse (I decided on a rescue), I know I need to relearn how to do ALL the work that goes with it. I was trying to find a rescue nearby, that way I could volunteer my time and retrain myself as well. After a futile search however, I'm at my wits end. I can't find any! Does Memphis or anywhere nearby have anything similar that you know of?

Ashlee said...

Stacie, Congrats on getting back into horses! I'm so excited to hear that you chose a horse in need! I wish you much happiness with your new horsey endeavors.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be many horse rescues that I'm aware of in Memphis at this time. I hope this changes! I too have wanted to donate my services to one, and hope to open a rescue of my own one day.

Here are two in North, MS that I know of:
Last Chance Horse Rescue:

Project Hope

Best Wishes,