Friday, May 23, 2008

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Welcome to the Equine Network's On the Trail monthly e-newsletter, an online resource to help you enjoy the great outdoors with your horse. In each issue, we'll share tips for making the most of your trail outings and links to articles and videos on

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Hot Topics

Build a Better Trail Horse
Seasoned veterans and novice trail horses alike will benefit from our time-tested strategies for crossing water, going single file, maintaining a good pace and meeting other animals and people on the trail without spooking. Read more here.

Trail Tips

Don't Leave Home Without...
Take along the following necessities even for trail rides of an hour or less:

  • watch
  • pocketknife
  • hoof pick
  • basic first-aid kit for horse and rider
  • identification on your person and attached to your horse
  • halter and lead rope so that you can control or tie your horse should your tack break
  • cell phone

How To

Keep Your Horse Cool On The Trail
For some advice from an expert on how to prevent your horse from getting overheated during summer trail rides, click here.

Beware of Humidity
Moist air makes hot weather more dangerous because it slows the rate at which sweat evaporates. Here's a rule of thumb: Any time the temperature and humidity numbers added together total 130 or more--for example, 80 degrees Fahrenheit with 50 percent humidity--there's a serious risk of overheating. And if that total is 150--for example, 80 degrees Fahrenheit and 70 percent humidity--conditions are hazardous.

Great Gear

For Night Riders
If you'll be out on the trails after sundown, let a Saddlelight show you the way. Mounted on your horse's breast collar or saddle, the Saddlelight is specially designed to help you see better without interfering with your horse's night vision. Click here to see the Saddlelight in action.


Tennessee Getaway
At East Fork Ranch in Jamestown, Tennessee, you can enjoy organized rides on scenic trails through the Cumberland Plateau. Cabins, campgrounds, stalls, and paddock facilities are available for vacationing equestrians and their horses. Get more information here.

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