Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Carriage Driving Update

Carriage Driving is one of the activities I plan to focus lots of my own attention on this year. Even though I still enjoy riding, I don't have any desire to compete. Guess I've been there done that. But, I've been "bit" by the comptetitive driving bug! I plan on competing again this year at some local and out of town rated driving shows/events.

It's pretty cold out now and my little mini driving buddy, Domino is so furry, he looks more like a grizzly bear than a horse! The weather has been so wet and cold, that we haven't been driving often. He's enjoying a winter "siesta!" Never fear little buddy, as soon as spring rolls around, it's back to mini boot camp- poor fella.

Actually, Dimo has a new fancy Zilco harness along with a super sweet and fancy pleasure gig- one seater just for me! I hooked him up to the new gig the other evening and it fit him like a glove. What an awesome ride- Dimo was "strutting his stuff" It's lighter than the cart he's been driving, and it sits up higher- so it's a new feel. It's really smooth and makes no noise- kind of like moving up from a buick to a cadillac. Can't wait to use it in the cones and dressage driving tests this year!

Anyway, I'm trying to get more familarized with ADS forms, handbooks, and basic dressage driving tests. Here's a helpful link to a variety of ADS forms and tests for interested driving enthusiasts.

For those interested in learning more about driving in the Memphis, TN area, The Nashoba Carriage Club is a great local driving club. Unfortunately, there's no website currently. Leave a comment if interested in more info about the club and I'll pass on contact info.

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