Friday, December 15, 2006

Wellington, FL EHV-1 Outbreak Alert

An outbreak of EHV- Equine Herpes Virus has shut down major horse shows in Wellington, FL for the next several weeks. Two horses have reportedly died. One of which being Debbie Stephen's Cosequin's CEO.

Three farms in Wellington's Grand Prix Village are in lockdown, and many surrounding stables have elected a self-imposed quarantine to help prevent the spread of this deadly and highly contagious airborn virus, which can cause abortion, respitory disease, and paralysis. This disease can survive 14-15 days in the environment and is spread via the respitory tract, aborted fetuses, membranes, and fluid.

This disease is reported to have orginated fom infected horses imported from Europe that went through a New York facility. One of the horses is recovering in Wellington, another; however, traveled to California and died. Veterinarians are awaiting test results to confirm that the California horse perished from EHV-1. It is quite possible that this virus may have infected horses from Florida to California.

Due to health concerns, the AGA National Championship and the Christmas Festival of Horses have been cancelled.

See below links for the latest information regarding this outbreak:

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