Monday, October 02, 2006

Memphis Horses- Looking for a New Horse? Why Not a Rescue Horse?

Considering a new horse? Having trouble finding one? Think that you need to spend big $$$ just to get a nice, safe, sound prospect? NO WAY! This is the horse buying "myth" that many horse trainers will feed you. I am sick and tired of horse ownership being considered an "elitist" sport, that ONLY the WEALTHY can afford! This is simply NOT true!

Pardon me, because I'm about to step on some Trainer toes. SHAME on you trainers and professionals in the equine industry for proliferating an "elitist" view about horse ownership! Shame on you for telling your clients that in order for them to get a nice, safe, horse, having show potential, they'll have to spend at least $25k. Get off your laurels, and help your mid-income clients "train" prospects! You and I both know, there are plenty out there.

Gone to a Hunter/Jumper A show lately? Take a good look at the number of entries and the prominent breed. Gone are the days of the 20+ entries at the rated shows with a variety of breeds like the appendix, quarter horse, and TB. In with the warmblood! Every freakin horse you see on the A circuit these days are warmbloods. Wonder why?
Because trainers make more commission off of these horses plain and simple! Does this mean they are better breed for Hunter/Jumper- No. So why are the warmbloods so popular. Think about it.... Sure trainers want to proliferate this breed. Where will they likely tell you to go for a good one? Overseas. And what do you think "import" means to a trainer's pocket book? I think you follow.. can we say Ca Ching!

Truth is, there are TONS of NICE Hunter/Jumper/Dressage/Event/Foxhunt/Pony Club/Pleasure horses available looking for nice, loving homes! Let me shed some light on a fantastic organization which is literally
SAVING LIVES. The TRF. Throughbred Retirement Foundation. This organization takes TBs many OTTBs and offers them available for adoption. Most of these horses have POTENTIAL stamped all over them!!! They are NOT CRAP horses. Some have minor injuries limiting there use, but many are FANTASTIC competition prospects. Sure, they will need some work invested in them, which will require time and patience. They aren't the "quick and easy" solution horses that you get one day and the next take to a rated show, but aren't life's most rewarding, and valuable experiences the ones we have to invest a little time and effort into anyway?Are parent's who go out and buy expensive ready-made show horses for their kids each show season really teaching their kids good life lessons? Seems to me like this is teaching kids a lesson in how to be greedy. That it's okay to be impatient, and that horses are disposable.

In my opinion, a little hard work never hurt anyone. Good work ethic is something necessary for success in the "real world." Consider the sense of self accomplishment you'll have knowing that you rescued and trained a horse in need. A horse that without the TRF and your help may meet a horrible end. I find it grotesquely ironic that while the latest craze is importing overseas warmbloods, over 90,000 of our own American TBs and Quarter Horses- yearly- end up overseas too, but on dinner plates!

Please Consider an OTTB! Check out the TRF!
The TRF promotes RESPONSIBLE horsemanship and focuses on permanant, good homes. This is not the place to go looking for potential money-making "resale" prospects.

Click here for more information about the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation "TRF"

Click here to see a list of GREAT horses available for adoption!

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